Text analysis tools + games

I ran the backstory through the hyperpo app… it’s a linguistic analysis tool inspired by Oulipo techniques. In addition to the jobs that corpus linguists do, like word frequencies and other statistical analysis of texts, the Hyperpo tool can look for anagrams and palindromes, create fill-in-the-blanks for certain word forms such as verbs or nouns, … Read more

backstory-character’s backstory

The main character is a scholar and most of the images I’m generating are first-person with a few establishing shots. She is a media archeologist and is a historian of writing technologies. Her current research is on the typewriter which is really interesting for all kinds of reasons that I can enumerate if you wish–gender … Read more

backstory-what we need to show in the interface

Notes sent to Janet: For now, here are the basic functions of the interface that we need to show. The first four make sense in sequential order… the last two can be determined within the context of the story. 1. analyzing/reading/interpreting a digitized version of a print document in multiple layers–part forensics, part close reading … Read more

Mashups: Humanities and Conventional Language with Produced Future Imagery

After attempting to “mash-up” philosophers speaking with video imagery from produced future visions, I realized that the power that your mind has to fill in gaps and make connections is incredible. It made it possible for anything that even vaguely had a visual cue relating to the spoken dialog to be connected mentally. I wondered … Read more

Mashups: Philosophers and Overly-Produced Futures

We had been discussing “mashing up” humanities speakers with overly-produced future videos for awhile, and these are two rough, unedited cuts of that idea I put together to see what comes out of it. The first shows corporate visions of the future while the audio is a current philosopher discussing alternative hedonism, and the second … Read more

Spatial representation of an event

I was interested to see how you can archive an event that happened spatially. The content I thought about including within this space will include: – Twitter feeds before, during and after the event – Program of the event – Participants in the event – Media produced by the event organizer (video, slideshows, sound) – … Read more

Physical Experiments

These are a few experiments creating physical models of the experience of being at the Designing Geopolitics Conference.

Mashups – Humanities meets the Matrix

The following three mash-ups were initial experiments into understanding the potentials of prototyping an information-based world with humanities dialogue as opposed to militaristic, corporate, or scientific dialogue. With these experiments, I am interested in engaging these familiar visualizations and highly-produced environments with the sound off. What do these environments really say? How can swapping the … Read more