hyperstudio – Faceted Browser

The Repertoire faceted browser module enables you to quickly integrate non-linear search into a project. Faceted search is particularly useful when you would like to present users with multiple entry points into a dataset or when there is no expectation that they know what they are looking for beforehand. For example, someone browsing Amazon.com for … Read more

INKE – TextTiles Browser

The TextTiles browser is a prototype that facilitates research by providing users with display manipulation capacities. Primarily, TextTiles attends to the concept of rich prospect browsing—a more user-controlled type of browsing that promotes a persistent, manipulable, organizable display of items in a collection. TextTiles is primarily concerned with collections that consist of textual information. Each document corresponds with a small tile … Read more

INKE – Paper Drill

Paper Drill aims to automate the identification and assemblage of citation chains throughout collections of secondary scholarship. (Citation chaining is the scholarly activity of finding relevant resources via the reference list of an article.)  As with other similar tools, to use Paper Drill one must submit a seed article. Paper Drill differs from other tools in the field, however, by … Read more

INKE – CiteLens

CiteLens is a visualization tool for analyzing citation patterns in lengthy scholarly works like monographs or editions. Primarily, CiteLens is designed as an instrument for context analysis of citation. This type of citation analysis focuses on analyzing citations inside the citing text. The secondary purpose of the tool is as a reading aid to facilitate the understanding of … Read more