Trina is one manifestation of the Micro Mega Meta project. The work shown here was completed Summer 2011 and is a very rough first draft.

Trina is a design fiction that takes the form of a 3-part pecha-kucha that can be performed live, viewed as a narrated slideshow online, or read in print as a graphic novel. Conceived by Anne Burdick in collaboration with writer Janet Sarbanes (Army of One), the show-and-tell of this short story follows Trina, a literary scholar who works in solitude in her house in the desert. Trina’s adjunct status requires her to take on text analysis H.I.T.s (human intelligence tasks) to make ends meet. Through Trina‚Äôs eyes we see the always-on lively digital world that is her daily reality and within which the mystery of a cryptic, typewritten document unfolds.

Though it has yet to be fully designed, the interface in the story will ultimately provide a model for what knowledge might look like and how it might behave in a digital environment that is built upon the interpretive, ambiguous, and contextually specific values that are integral to the Humanities. By the story’s end, Trina will have created her own “multi-dimensional knowledge object” that she will release into a networked knowledgescape, watching the ripples it makes, late into the night.