Hypothesis is an open-source conversation/annotation tool that works across platforms and content throughout the web. https://web.hypothes.is/


brat is a web-based tool for structured text annotation; that is, for adding notes to existing text documents. http://brat.nlplab.org/

Lexomics – Divitext

divitext is a simple, online tool for dividing text documents into chunks. http://cs.wheatoncollege.edu/divitext/  

Rap Genius

Genius is the world’s biggest collection of annotated song lyrics. https://genius.com/artists/Rap-genius


Pliny is an online tool for note-taking and annotation. http://pliny.cch.kcl.ac.uk/index.html

Hyperstudio – Annotation Studio

Annotation Studio is an open source web application that engages students in close reading and textual interpretation. It integrates a powerful set of tools with an interface that makes using those tools intuitive for undergraduates. http://hyperstudio.mit.edu/projects/annotation-studio/


elabFTW is a free and open-source electronic lab notebook designed for research labs and experiment tracking. https://www.elabftw.net/


Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device. https://quip.com/


TextFlow is special layout designed to lay out rich text. It can be used to layout several text nodes in a single text flow. https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/javafx/api/javafx/scene/text/TextFlow.html  


Authorea is a research paper writing tool where more than 65,000 researchers in fields from Astronomy to Zoology write their documents online.  https://www.authorea.com/