Digging into Data Challenge

The idea behind the Digging into Data Challenge is to address how “big data” changes the research landscape for the humanities and social sciences. Now that we have massive databases of materials used by scholars in the humanities and social sciences — ranging from digitized books, newspapers, and music to transactional data like web searches, … Read more

Meta Mining: Knowledge discovery in databases process – key projects

Text Analysis Projects and Software Text Creation Partnership Early English Books Project by Text Creation Partnership Mandala: Rich Prospect Browser Project (current prototype) DocuScope: Computer-aided Rhetorical Analysis, Stanford University Text Analysis Data Visualization Reference: Information Visualization for Text Analysis

Knowledge & Scholarship: ways of knowing – key projects

Calit2 Multi-touch Example Luxor in NexCAVE Neuroscience Research Technology – Dr. Eve Edelstein     CISA3 Archaeology Projects  

New Media Consortium: Multimedia literacy – key projects

Standford Crowds Project   Center for Future Civic Media (MIT Media Lab & Comparative Media Studies) Grassroots Mapping Project Newsflow Project Old and New Media: Converging During the Pakistan Emergency Scratch Project   MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory Memory Traces Project Locast -Civic Media Project all other projects   The Education Arcade View projects   Others … Read more

History: Remapping, timeline, renaming history – key projects

UCLA Hypercities Digital Kamak Timemap Virtual Qumran Digital Roman Forum   UVA Projects by the Institute for Advance Technology in the Humanities: Homer’s Trojan Theater Project Virtual Williamsburg Project Spatial Humanities Projects   Standford Spatial History Projects: The Hart Photo Project Mapping of the Republic Letters Project

Electronic Literature: new modes of expression – key projects

USC Vectors Journal   MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology in the /humanities) Electronic Literature Collection   Others Net Art Inspired Projects: Net Poetic (Jason Nelson & Davin Heckman) Participatory Writing Projects: The Golden Notebook (Doris Lessing)

Library Science: Archiving – Key Projects

Harvard Digital Public Library of America Initiative   UC Santa Barbara Transcriptions Project, The Agrippa Files   UCLA UCLA Digital Collection Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative   MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities) The Shakespeare Quartos Archive Project Visual Accent & Dialect Archive Project Our Americas Archive Partnership, (MITH & HRC) Theatre Finder Project … Read more