S/T interface – b/w reference

Here’s a load of op art images… not so interested in the trippy aesthetic or Escheresque thing… more how b/w can show dimensions and complexity.

Geodesic dome images

This might be a good 3-D model for an interface that is 360 degrees like the Space Shuttle cockpit VR.

An Urban Sensation Project

Human sensory infrastructure Project done by recent grad student at RCA interaction design demonstrates how it is becoming increasing possible to emulate the sensory environment of an individual at any location. This project collates data from CCVT Cameras, directional microphones and odor sensors in order to reconstruct peoples past visual, auditory and olfactory surroundings. Project … Read more

Marco Brambilla

The work of┬áMarco Brambilla starts to get at some of the ideas we’ve been talking about. He also has a few other videos on his vimeo channel that can’t be embedded.

Digital Humanities and the case for Critical Commons

Digital Humanities and the case for Critical Commons Unfortunately, embedding is disabled for this video: Yet another Downfall detournement with Bruno Ganz holding the line against digital scholarship and fair use, courtesy of Critical Commonshttp://criticalcommons.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VREJV–VHSw

Hubble Telescope images and color

Pages from NASA’s Hubble telescope website demonstrate how they assign colors within their amazing images. They use three approaches: natural color (what human eyes can see); representative color (using color to code portions of the image); and enhanced color. Of course the “images” are captured using filters that detect wavelengths invisible to the human eye … Read more

book-based environment


Motion Inspiration

Videos from ourMotion Inspiration Channel on Vimeo: Here’s some more, from our MMM Inspiration Playlist on Youtube:

Future interfaces (videos)

Demo Reel of Mark Coleran Interfaces (playlist)

Advertised visions of future interfaces (images)

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