Talks + Pubs

This list includes all talks and publications created as part of—or in dialogue with—the Micro Mega Meta project since 2011.

Journal Article. “Designing Futures From the Inside,” Journal of Futures Studies, Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2019,  Special Issue: Design and Futures, pp.75-92.

Conference Paper. “Scenes of Writing,” Proceedings of DRS 2018 International Conference: Catalyst, 23-25 June 2018, Limerick, Ireland, Volume 1, pp. 73-82.

Journal Article. “Meta!Meta!Meta! A Speculative Design Brief for the Digital Humanities,” Visible Language, special issue on Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities, December 2015, pp.12–33.

Panel. “Getting Beyond the Material-Conceptual to Include the Critical,” Digging Deep: Ecosystems, Institutions and Processes for Critical Making, CUNY Graduate Center

Keynote. “Open Worlds,” DRS 2014: Design’s Big Debates, Design Research Society annual conference

Panel co-chair, participant. “Intellectual Middleware: Design Research and the Digital Humanities,” DRS 2014, Design Research Society annual conference

Panel. “Designing Knowledge,” An interview with the co-authors of Digital_Humanities by Art Center President Dr. Lorne Buchman, Art Center College of Design

Pecha-Kucha. “Trina: A Design Fiction,” Graphic Design: Now in Production opening, Walker Art Center, video starts at 1:04:44

Talk. “Scholarly Projections,” Goldsmiths University of London

Panel. “Models of Multi-Modality,” Critiquing the North American Design PhD Symposium, Carnegie Mellon University

Panel. “10 Print / Digital_Humanities: Collaborative Writing Panel,” USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy

Book. Digital_Humanities, Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfeld, Todd Presner, and Jeffrey Schnapp, MIT Press, 2012

Talk. “Micro Mega Meta,” USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy

Talk. “Micro Mega Meta,” UCSC, Digital Arts & New Media

Journal Article. “Digital Learning, Digital Scholarship, and Design Thinking,” Design Studies, special issue on Interpreting Design Thinking, Vol. 32, Issue 6, November 2011, pp 546–556.