Spatial representation of an event

I was interested to see how you can archive an event that happened spatially.

The content I thought about including within this space will include:

– Twitter feeds before, during and after the event
– Program of the event
– Participants in the event
– Media produced by the event organizer (video, slideshows, sound)
– Media produced by the audience (photos, video, sound)
– Media produced by the virtual audience (photos, video, sound)
– Notes taken by the audience

First iteration of this experiment arranges these content spatially in an x-y-z coordinate.
x coordinates indicates time: start of the event to end of the event
z coordinates indicates content generated within the virtual space and physical space
y coordinate being the person who places himself within this space to access content

I was interested to see how you can arrange and construct body of knowledge, information, media created for and by certain event happened. How do you materialize information that exists in the virtual space for archive purpose? How does space in relation to body work spatial interface to access information?


Documentation of first experiment exercise:

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