Mashups: Philosophers and Overly-Produced Futures

We had been discussing “mashing up” humanities speakers with overly-produced future videos for awhile, and these are two rough, unedited cuts of that idea I put together to see what comes out of it. The first shows corporate visions of the future while the audio is a current philosopher discussing alternative hedonism, and the second shows interfaces in science fiction movies while a philosopher talks about the ethics of killing in war.

Kate Soper on Alternative Hedonism


Jeff McMahan on Killing in War


The most interesting moments in these are when there is a pretty clear connection between the dialog and the visual. The visual imagery tends to dominate since it is so produced and the quality of the audio is more like that of a podcast. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the audio and visual had equal production quality and matched up more precisely. Perhaps we should try recording something ourselves to go with a specific 30 second clip.

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