Hypothesis is an open-source conversation/annotation tool that works across platforms and content throughout the web. https://web.hypothes.is/


Turn tweets, emails, documents, webpages and more into actionable data. Automate business processes and save hours of manual data processing. https://monkeylearn.com/  


TextRazor uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques to parse, analyze and extract semantic metadata from your content. https://www.textrazor.com/    


TUSTEP is a professional toolbox for scholarly processing textual data (including those in non-latin scripts) with a strong focus on humanities applications. http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de/tustep_eng.html  


http://www.seasr.org/meandre/about/ Meandre is a semantic enabled web-driven, dataflow execution environment. It provides the machinery for assembling and executing data flows -software applications consisting of software components that process data (such as by accessing a data store, transforming the data from that store and analyzing or visualizing the transformed results). http://www.seasr.org/meandre/documentation/