Search Engines eliminate the need for memory.

Fascinating article just posted on Wired. Check it out. “Thanks to search engines, most simple facts don’t need to be remembered. They can be accessed with a few keystrokes, plucked from ubiquitous server-stored external memory — and that may be changing how our own memories are maintained.” Really interesting when juxtaposed with the article Bora had shared about … Read more

Futuring Practices: Tools, Terms, and Perspectives

While approaches to futuring vary from institution to institution, a multitude of continuities, themes, and terms transcend. These elements consist of a series of tools, terms and perspectives that work together to guide the envisioning process. While my own research has sustained a primary focus on the research and processes of institutions and individuals, I … Read more

UNESCO’s futures curriculum

One of us should go through this curriculum… might provide some insight or a useful framework.

Embodiment and Ambient Thinking

From sceptical futurist Stuart Candy: “I want to propose two umbrella terms (brutal pun intended) for ways of looking at things that I find highly interesting playmates: embodiment thinking and ambience thinking. In embodiment thinking, crystallised elements are reopened up as distributed in space and time (a conceptual analogue of the visual technique of the exploded view). The object … Read more

Between Reality and the Impossible

“What happens when you decouple design from the marketplace, when rather than making technology sexy, easy to use and more consumable,designers use the language of design to pose questions, entertain and provoke – to transport our imaginations into parallel but possible worlds ?  We are concerned not only with the expressive, functional and communicative possibilities … Read more