Between Reality and the Impossible

“What happens when you decouple design from the marketplace, when rather than making technology sexy, easy to use and more consumable,designers use the language of design to pose questions, entertain and provoke – to transport our imaginations into parallel but possible
worlds ? 

We are concerned not only with the expressive, functional and communicative possibilities of new technologies but also with the social, cultural and ethical consequences of living within an increasingly technologically mediated society.

This exhibition will consist of a number of design proposals presented through models, photographic scenarios, videos and 3D texts. It is absolutely not about prediction, but asking what if…, speculating, imagining, and even dreaming, to create and facilitate reflection on the kind of technologically mediated world we wish to live in. Ideally, one that reflects the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers and users we are supposed to be.”

Exhibition / Between reality and the impossible_
Curators / Dunne & Raby_

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