INKE – Multitouch Variorum

The MtV or Multitouch Variorum project is geared, primarily, toward navigating scholarly digital editions. Simply put, MtV is a prototype tool for interaction with text on multitouch surfaces. More specifically, this prototype is an experiment with alternatives to the standard mouse, keyboard, and monitor hardware platform. The technology for such interactions already exists, as the size of a multi-touch table allows for the display of multiple documents side-by-side. As well, the touch screen enables easy and intuitive operation, thus lessening the mental workload required to operate it and permitting user to focus more on the content. The system accommodates familiar gestures such as touch, pinch, and flick to let the user move, select, grab, and scroll through information on the screen. Collaborative work is facilitated through this technology, as more than one point of interaction is possible and multiple people are able to work on the material at the same time. MtV is still in an early stage and is being developed in Adobe Air using Open Exhibits multitouch library.


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