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3M Visual Attention Service

After decades’ worth of vision research, Minnesota-based conglomerate 3M has tuned up its Visual Attention Service, an algorithm that can scan all types of content to determine exactly where the average human eye is most likely to be drawn.

That’s the question that advertisers and designers alike have tried to figure out over the years. But until now, the best answers came from either trial-and-error practices or eye-tracking studies, which use software and cameras to monitor a user’s gaze–and are often slow, impractical, and costly. Minnesota-based conglomerate 3M has come up with a different solution, however, and it’s based on decades’ worth of vision research from PhDs and neuroscientists. Called the Visual Attention Service (VAS), 3M has created an algorithm that can scan all types of content (graphical, text) to determine exactly where the average human eye is most likely to be drawn.


VAS is a web-based scanning tool. Simply open the service on 3M’s website, upload an image or enter a URL, and VAS will scan the image–in about 20 seconds–and build heat maps and spit our probability scores for the content that is most eye-catching. “When we view things, our eyes actually produce more data than our brains can process, so our brains make decisions about what we should pay attention to,” Smyth says. VAS’s algorithm processes those visual cues–color, edges, faces, shapes, contrast–analyzing and predicting our instinctive responses (that is, our focus for the first three to five seconds) to stimuli.

“That list of elements–color, shape, contrast, and so on–those are things designers play with,” says 3M’s Kelly Canavan. “It is all meant to help designers balance the trade-offs they have to make when designing, say, an ad.”

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eyebox2 Realtime, made by xuuk

The eyebox2™ is a digital eye contact sensor that literally counts the number of eyeballs looking at it, from up to 10 meters. The eyebox2™ can be used as an audience measurement tool, as a surveillance system, or as an interactive input device for controlling games, appliances or art installations, to name a few applications.


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Eye Tracking of R&B Group

uses research technology for measures perception and for optimization of communications with customers that allow to increase efficacy of advertising campaign and recoupment of investment.

Used on real objects, Ads, Posters, and billboards:



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